Aeclectic Tarot says Goodbye.

Today, July 1st,  is a very sad day for the Tarot Community. Aeclectic Tarot Forum, the widest and most relevant forum related to Tarot on the whole internet has announced its permanent closure by July 14th. We are talking about a website that has been running since 1996, which in Internet time is like forever.… Continue reading Aeclectic Tarot says Goodbye.


3 easy and affordable Tarot decks that are not RWS.

Beginners usually find themselves looking for an "easy" deck. From my perspective, the readingness of a deck has more to do with it resonating with you than with any other consideration. However, it is true that there are some with which we can make a faster connection, be it because of the clarity of the… Continue reading 3 easy and affordable Tarot decks that are not RWS.


He won’t come back. (And what you can do instead!)

Dearest readers, Today I'm talking about one of the most dread questions by all Tarot readers around. "Will he come back?" Let's be honest, I bet that every single person going through a heartbreak who has access to a deck of cards has been there. It is just natural to try to find some comfort… Continue reading He won’t come back. (And what you can do instead!)


Post rectification. – Harry Potter Tarot.

Dearest readers, As some of you already know, yesterday April 20th, 2017 I published a post regarding Harry Potter Tarot. While I would like to maintain my views about the simbology of the deck and other aspects, I would like to make some clarifications. Regrettably, the deck I purchased is not a legitimate deck. Of… Continue reading Post rectification. – Harry Potter Tarot.


Kipper card 16 – His / Her Thoughts.

Card 16 tells us about the querent's (or the person the querent is asking about) thoughts. By itself, it tells us that the surrounding matters are being considered or put into quarantine. When it describes someone it will be talking about an introvert, rational person or even someone with a high educational level. It adds… Continue reading Kipper card 16 – His / Her Thoughts.