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A Tarot Journey – 3 of Cups Tarot

Hi there! It's been a while since I last posted, the last month has been complicated and challenging in many ways but also very fruitful. First of all I took a holiday, then I got back and I got involved in a huge Tarot project that hopefully will benefit the community and I want to… Continue reading A Tarot Journey – 3 of Cups Tarot


Three of Cups: A tale about friendship.

Hello dear readers and welcome to my International Tarot Day Blog Hop post! It is great to have you all in here, celebrating a great day for our awesome Tarot Community. I have been assigned the Three of Cups, a card that has taken a lot of meaning for me lately. When I first knew… Continue reading Three of Cups: A tale about friendship.


Aeclectic Tarot says Goodbye.

Today, July 1st, ┬áis a very sad day for the Tarot Community. Aeclectic Tarot Forum, the widest and most relevant forum related to Tarot on the whole internet has announced its permanent closure by July 14th. We are talking about a website that has been running since 1996, which in Internet time is like forever.… Continue reading Aeclectic Tarot says Goodbye.