Kipper card 26 – Great Fortune.

In a nutshell: Card 26 is the jackpot card of the Kipper system. It depicts what I call “having a flower in your butthole“. Whenever it shows up, it talks about success, a satisfactory happening or outcome or a beneficial plot-twist.

Fin de siècle Kipper by Ciro Marchetti.

In comparison, card 17 (Gift) would be a small lucky hit, and card 26 would be the luck-struck! No matter how unexpectedly, things whill turn in our favour when this card appears.

If it appears next to not so positive cards, it significantly diminishes their influence and adds a fortunate nuance to the resina.

This card shows positive qualities, it stands for a successful person, a happy relationship, a strong economy and wealth.

When our question is related to travelling or means of transportation it can refer to an airplane.


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